Redes Internacionales de la Arquitectura Española (1939-1975) 3r Seminario AEMCI

The third edition of the seminary presents the results of the research «Spanish Architecture in International Media: Publications,
Exhibitions, Congresses (first part: 1939-1975)», project I+D+i (HAR2017-85205-P) which has received the support of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and the European Regional Development Fund.
The main objective of this research group has been to map the presence of Spanish architectural culture abroad, during Francoism (1939-1975), through the study of the most relevant international periodical publications, exhibitions and congresses of that time, outlining a constellation of testimonies —not at all exhaustive— and sketching a history of international critique about Spanish architecture throughout this chronological period.
The results of these studies represent a hypothesis of re-writing history; a history that has to be necessarily interdisciplinary, surpassing mere descriptive information and aspiring to destabilize the usual historiographic topics —like those of the «modern movement», «continuity» or «rupture»—, now read from the angle of material culture.

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