SAH 2022 Annual International Conference

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
April 27–May 1

downtown Pittsburgh


The full conference program will be announced in December 2021. Paper sessions are listed below.

Paper Sessions

American Government Architecture: Representation to Rebellion
Architectural (Hi)stories of Climate Change and Mobilities
Architecture and Iconoclasm
Architecture and Whiteness in the Early Modern World, 1300–1700
Architecture as an Expanded Practice
Architecture, Capital and the Financial Turn: 1970–2020
Architectures of the South: Lands, Bodies and Violence
Beyond Critical Regionalism: Coloniality and the Region
Beyond Ruin Porn: Digital Mediation and Industrial Heritage
Bodies, Buildings and Health in the Age of Empire
Electric Interiors from the Nineteenth Century to the Present
Environment: The Career of a Concept
Framing the Past: Ruins, Imagination and Architecture
Graduate Student Lightning Talks
Hadrianic Architecture and Classicism: Affirmations/Oppositions
Landscape Inquiries: New Directions
Large Construction Companies in a Global Context
Locating Museums of Medicine and Science Across Geographies
Mobility and Access in Modern Urban Landscapes
On the Reception of Chinese Architectural Culture
Open Session (3)
Radical Methods, New Interlocutors: Strategies for Equitable Histories (SAH IDEAS Session)
Re-spatializing Exclusion: Transnational Narratives of Resistance
Right About Now: Coming Correct to the Contemporary
Social Control
System Boundaries: Interior Environments Before Modernism
Tempered by Time: How Industry Shaped Pittsburgh
Temporality in Contemporary Architectural History
Visualizing Evidence: Encoding and Decoding Architectural Data
Water: Form, Substance, and Meaning in the Landscape
What's in a Discipline? Architectural History as Knowledge Project
Women in Architecture: The African Exchange

SAH thanks The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation
for its operating support.
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