Annmarie Adams in Parlour: "This is Where we Live"

Nov 17, 2020 by SAH News

In an article for Parlour, Annmarie Adams considers how social distancing is changing our relationship to the places we inhabit. 

"Like so many around the world, I’ve been working at home since March 2020. My workplace is now about four feet, rather than four miles, from my bed. Every day I communicate with colleagues and students at my university and indeed around the world through scheduled Zoom meetings, from a little-used dining table we moved upstairs from the basement. In other words, it’s my activity – my ‘work’, rather than a ‘place’ – that now defines my workplace.... For us architecture peeps, it’s difficult to accept that place may matter less in the post-COVID world."

Adams contends that historic interiors will become more significant in the years ahead. She notes the growth of this area as an academic subject evidenced by many new initiatives, including the founding of the SAH Historic Interiors Affiliate Group. The group's inaugural event in October attracted nearly 300 participants.

Read the rest of the article including images, credits and biography here.

Annmarie Adams has been an SAH member since 1988, has served as a session chair in 2014, chaired the Kostof Book Award Committee and the H. Allen Brooks Travelling Fellowship Committee. She currently serves on the board of SAH and is a local Co-Chair for the 74th SAH Annual International Conference in Montreal.