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May 3, 2021 by SAH News


GAHTC logoThe ambition of the Global Architectural History Teaching Collaborative (GAHTC) is to address the needs of educators in diverse disciplinary contexts by providing practical lecture materials for teaching global architectural history at the survey and introductory level. This effort does not preclude more advanced level education, but the main purpose of the GAHTC is to transform the discipline 'from below'—to help guide the discourse of architectural history by reshaping its teaching at the survey level. Instead of waiting for advanced scholarship to trickle down into the realm of teaching, which is the usual expectation, we want to empower the teachers—particularly those at institutions where teachers are given fewer teaching resources—to be part of a state-of-the-art teaching community. Teaching materials produced by our members for GAHTC emphasize transnational and trans-geographical perspectives, providing alternatives to architectural and art history courses organized by nation-based or style-based categories such as ‘Italian', 'French', 'Chinese' and 'The Renaissance'.


Mark Jarzombek (MIT), Vikram Prakash (University of Washington), Eliana Abu-Hamdi (MIT), Robert Cowherd (Wentworth Institute), Kelema Lee Moses (Occidental College), Ana María León (University of Michigan), Suzanne Marchand (Louisiana State University), Ijlal Muzaffar (RISD) and member-at-large Gail Fenske (Roger Williams University).

Grant Opportunities

The GAHTC accepts proposals for each of our grants on a rolling submission. Each grant is unique, and as such, has individualized requirements for submission.

Making GAHTC materials more easily accessible

GAHTC is a (free) member-based organization, providing access to over 300 lectures, with supporting documents such as course syllabi, handouts, discussion questions, quizzes and exams. For full access to all content, please submit a membership request. However, in an effort to streamline access to our teaching content, we have made all lectures available for download, regardless of membership status.

New ready-to-go video lectures

Another way GAHTC has worked to make teaching resources more accessible is by converting them into ready-to-go video lectures. We welcome additional recordings from our contributing authors who are willing to record a lecture (or two?) from their module.

Additions to the GAHTC library

We are regularly adding new content to our digital library, not only lectures, but also teaching resources from sponsored teacher-to-teacher workshops, such as the SAH/GAHTC workshop in Providence organized by Ana María León, and the 2021 Montréal workshop, soon to be added, organized by Esra Ackan, Rafico Ruiz and Jia Yi Gu.

Recently Added:

Architecture and Urbanism in Belgium’s African Colonies: Congo, Rwanda, Burundi
By Jennifer Gaugler

Race, Space, and Architectures of Apartheid in South Africa, Past and Present
By Michelle Apotsos

Work, Slums, Housing and the Architecture of the Modern City: Challenges and Alternatives to House the Poor in the Developing World
by Ana Rosa Chagas Cavalcanti

Port Cities Between Global Networks and Local Transformations
by Carola Hein & Tino Mager

Taiwanese Indigenous Architecture
by Latoya Kamdang

Architecture in Colombia (1910–1940): From the Quest for a National Style to International Modernity
by Giaime Botti

Our North is the South: Workshop, virtual roundtable and two lectures
by Fernando Martinez Nespral & Ana María León    

Shrine and Shrine Landscapes
by Mark Jarzombek