Ann Gilkerson Named Managing Editor of JSAH

Nov 2, 2021 by SAH News
woman with blond hair wearing blue button-down shirt against a gray background

The Society of Architectural Historians announces the appointment of Ann Gilkerson as Managing Editor of the Journal of Society of Architectural Historians (JSAH), effective January 4, 2022. In this freelance position, Gilkerson will work closely with JSAH Editor David Karmon and the University of California Press (UCP) production staff to produce four issues per year of JSAH. To ensure that the Journal is produced on schedule, she will coordinate the final production cycle of each issue, working with authors, editors, typesetters, and UCP and SAH staff. Gilkerson has served as the interim Managing Editor of JSAH since June 2021.

An independent architectural historian and editor, Ann Gilkerson has a B.A. in art history from Smith College and a Ph.D. in the history of modern architecture from Harvard University. She has taught at a variety of institutions including Tufts, Oberlin, the University of California at Davis and Harvard. Gilkerson has also been a researcher at the National Gallery of Art, where she was assistant editor, with Craig Hugh Smyth, editor, of Michelangelo Drawings, Studies in the History of Art, The National Gallery of Art. She has also published in Visual Resources and JSAH. Currently based in Tucson, Arizona, she has written several entries for the Arizona portion of SAH Archipedia, and is now completing more entries, and three short essays, for Nevada. In addition, she has been active in preservation, and has worked for the Northampton and Cambridge Massachusetts Historical Commissions. An early member of the Berkeley Prize Committee, she was its administrator for the first five years. More recently, she has worked as a freelance editor.