SAH Archipedia: Women in Architecture Series

Mar 8, 2022 by SAH News

multi-level stone masonry building with blue windows surrounded by canyon cliffs

Photo: Lookout Studio by Mary Colter. Photograph courtesy Grand Canyon National Park.


As part of the SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group’s annual program, “March 2022: Celebrating Women’s History Month,” SAH Archipedia editors and the SAH WiA AG are pleased to announce the publication of the Women in Architecture Series in SAH Archipedia. This collaborative publication project highlights the work of women architects and significant sites in women’s history.  

The series features a wide selection, from the properties of African American pioneer Cora Cox and building contractor Elizabeth Warren to the work of modernist architects like Amaza Lee Meredith. The collection explores technological achievements and design as well as momentous events like the birthplace of the women’s rights movement and labor strikes by immigrant women. In addition to building entries, there are also new thematic essays on the work of Louise BethuneArmena Louise Morse EllerRuth Reynolds FreemanTheodate Pope Riddle, and Elizabeth Roberts

Thirteen authors contributed original content for this publication series, including Alison Chiu, Devin Colman, Kathleen James-Chakraborty, Cray Kennedy, Camille Wilson Spencer, Leslie Lodwick, Gavin Moulton, Judith Paine McBrien, Vyta Pivo, David A. Rash, Annie Sloan Schentag, Rebecca Svehla, and Karol R. Williams. The Women in Architecture Series is also supplemented with previously published SAH Archipedia content selected by Managing Editor Catherine Boland Erkkila.