Executive Director Search Committee - April Update

Apr 4, 2022 by Patricia Morton and Abby Van Slyck

Dear fellow SAH members,

We are honored to have been entrusted with the very important task of identifying the next executive director of the Society. 

The search committee had our first, very productive, meeting on March 28, and we can confirm that it is a strong and dedicated group. We are all looking forward to the work ahead, which will include:

  • engaging an executive search firm to amplify our effectiveness as a committee;
  • soliciting the input of SAH members—both individuals and members of standing committees, affiliate groups and chapters;
  • crafting a position description that encapsulates and reflects the insights gleaned from those conversations;
  • recruiting and eventually assessing a large and diverse pool of candidates; and presenting a recommended candidate to the board.

At this point, we believe we will be able to present our recommendation to the board in late summer or early fall, but we will firm up our timeline once we have hired a search firm and have looked closely together at our next steps.

For the integrity of the search, both our deliberations and the names of any candidates must remain confidential. At the same time, the committee also understands that the SAH membership needs to be kept well informed about the process as it unfolds. To that end, we pledge to provide regular updates on this website. We invite you to visit often in order to follow our progress. 

At any time, if you have suggestions or concerns, please communicate with the committee at SAHEDSearch@sah.org. Using that email will ensure that your message does not get swamped in the email inbox of any individual committee member.

We look forward to our conversations with you in the months ahead. Onward!

Patricia Morton and Abby Van Slyck, Executive Director Search Committee Co-chairs