Call for Mentorship Volunteers

May 3, 2022 by SAH News

The SAH IDEAS Committee and Affiliate Groups are seeking experienced and highly qualified candidates to join a pool of volunteers to engage in forms of mutual advising with less experienced scholars who self-identify across a wide range of diverse identities. The aim of this urgent call for collaboration is to support and sustain scholars, thinkers, and makers who are committed to shaping and sharing histories of the built environment in their most just and fullest forms. 

SAH particularly seeks volunteers with significant experience navigating systemic barriers on behalf of themselves or others. SAH seeks to retain this pool of volunteers to engage in one-on-one mutual advising as part of a series of initiatives, including the SAH IDEAS Research Fellowships, to build an ecology of values to nurture histories of the built environment and the people who write them. 

Participation in the pool involves a commitment of up to six structured meetings during an assignment year. SAH IDEAS Committee members may also participate in this pool of volunteers. Extra volunteers may be invited to participate in mutual advising with SAH fellowship recipients, based upon individual needs as identified by the fellowship recipients. Mentors must be current members of SAH when serving in this role.

If you are interested in volunteering, please submit the following through the SAH website portal:

  • CV and/or link to your website or faculty page

  • Area(s) of expertise or field(s) of interest (if not included in the CV)

  • A sentence or two about why you would like to engage in mutual advising

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.