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Call for Nominations to SAH Board for 2018

by SAH News | Jul 06, 2017

The SAH Nominating Committee seeks your nominations for five new SAH Board members and a Second Vice President candidate who will begin their terms after the St. Paul annual conference in April 2018 and will serve until April 2021.

The final slate of nominees should represent the diversity of the field of architectural history. Self-nominations are welcome as are nominations of emerging scholars and independent and non-affiliated historians of architecture, landscapes, planning and related disciplines. Nominations of practitioners in architecture, historic preservation and related fields are also encouraged, as are nominations of professionals such as people in business, law and investments who chose architectural history as their avocation.

SAH actively works to increase the diversity of our profession by expanding the racial and ethnic populations we represent, topics we address in our publications, programs and conferences, and promotion of these issues in the field of architectural history at large. To that end, SAH welcomes the nomination of candidates who will add racial and ethnic diversity to the SAH Board.

Please email nominations to Nominations will be forwarded directly to the Chair of the Nominating Committee. Nominations should include the name, affiliation (if applicable), and contact information for the candidate, the nominee’s CV, and a short explanation of the nominee’s qualifications and why the nominee should be considered for the SAH Board.

Deadline for submitting nominations is September 1, 2017.


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