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SAHARA Highlights: 2015 SAH-Getty International Program Grantees

by Jacqueline Spafford and Jeffrey Klee, SAHARA Co-Editors | Aug 01, 2017

We are overdue in recognizing the SAH-Getty International Program recipients who attended the SAH 2015 Annual International Conference in Chicago and who contributed wonderfully diverse content to SAHARA. If you were lucky enough to meet any of the recipients, you know how much enthusiasm they brought to the conference. Below are selections from the 2015 grantees; you can read more about who they are here.

Coming soon – Highlights from the 2016 SAH-Getty International Program participants!

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View of the colonial town Ouro Preto, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre in eastern Brazil. Photographer: Cristina Lodi, 2008.

Macedonia Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece. Architect: Doxiadis Associates, 1960. Photographer: Vassilios Colonas, 2005.

Student Hostel, Chittagong University, Bangladesh. Architect: Muzharul Islam, 1971. Photographer: Ishraq Z. Khan.

The Museum of Prehistoric Life, Izmir, Turkey (also known as the Yesilova Neolithic Settlement). Architect: Evren Başbuğ, 2010-14. Photographer: Emre Gönlügür, 2015.

Detail of the Credito Hipotecario Nacional, Guatemala City, Guatemala. Architect: Robert González Goyri, 1960-63. Photographer: Nelly Ramírez Klee.

The Arts Center and Habib Gorgy Sculpture Museum, Harania Village, Giza, Egypt.  Architect: Ramses Wissa Wassef, 1955.  Photographer: Raghad Mofeed.

The Cathedral of the Dormition, detail view, Kiev, Ukraine. Founded 1073, destroyed 1941, restored 2000. Photographer: Oksana Chabanyuk, 2006.

Kuskov House, Fort Ross, Jenner, California, ca 1812-20. It served as the residence of Ivan Aleksandrovich Kuskov, chief administrator of the Russian American Company and founder of Fort Ross. Photographer: Alexander Molodin, 2014.



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