Buildings of Texas: East, North Central, Panhandle and South Plains, and West is Now Available

by SAH News | Jun 28, 2019

Buildings of Texas: East, North Central, Panhandle and South Plains, and West
Gerald Moorhead, with James W. Steely, Willis C. Winters, Mark Gunderson, Jay C. Henry, and Joel Warren Barna

Cloth | 608 pp. | 7 x 10 | $85.00 | ISBN 9780813942346 | July 2019

Buildings of TexasFrom Dallas–Fort Worth to El Paso, Goodnight to Marfa to Langtry, and scores of places in between, the second of two towering volumes assembled by Gerald Moorhead and a team of dedicated authors offers readers a definitive guide to the architecture of the Lone Star State. Canvassing Spanish and Mexican buildings in the south and southwest and the influence of Anglo- and African American styles in the east and north, the latest book in the Buildings of the United States series serves both as an accessible architectural and cultural history and a practical guide. More than 1,000 building entries survey the most important and representative examples of forts, courthouses, houses, churches, commercial buildings, and works by internationally renowned artists and architects, from the Kimbell Art Museum’s Louis Kahn Building to Donald Judd’s art installations at La Mansana de Chinati/The Block. Brief essays highlight such topics as the history and construction of federal forts, the growth and spread of Harvey House restaurants, and the birth of Conrad Hilton’s hotel empire. Enlivened by 350 illustrations and 45 maps, Buildings of Texas: East, North Central, Panhandle and South Plains, and West affords local and out-of-state visitors, as well as more distant readers, a compelling journey filled with countless discoveries.

About the Authors: 

Gerald Moorhead, FAIA, an award-winning Houston architect, is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and the Architect Laureate of Kazakhstan.

James W. Steely, a sixth-generation Texan from Paris in Lamar County, is a consulting historian and architectural historian based in Denver, Colorado.

Willis C. Winters, FAIA, is Director of the Dallas Park and Recreation Department.

Mark Gunderson, AIA, is an architect practicing in Fort Worth.

Jay C. Henry was Professor of Architecture at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Joel Warren Barna is Director of Philanthropy, South Central Region at National Wildlife Federation.

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