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SAH Chapter & Partner News for February 2020

by SAH News | Feb 07, 2020
Each month, the Society of Architectural Historians shares news submitted by SAH chapters and partner organizations on their new and exciting programs, opportunities, awards, and events.

SAH Latrobe Chapter

SAH Latrobe elected its new president, Vyta Baselice, who will be taking over for Lauren McHale Oswalt. The Chapter will be hosting its thirteenth biennial symposium, "Race, Ethnicity, and Architecture in the Nation's Capital" at Catholic University's School of Architecture and Planning on April 18-19 and registration is now live: https://www.latrobechaptersah.org/symposium-registration. Also of note is our newly revamped Architecture and Politics conference fellowship, which has received enthusiastic submissions and we anticipate selecting a winner in February. Finally, the Latrobe Chapter is pursuing an archiving and digitization effort with the DC Historical Society to donate, preserve, and make available our chapter's records, which date back to the early days of our founding in 1967.

Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand (SAHANZ)

Fabrications is the refereed journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand (SAHANZ). Established in 1989, it is devoted to scholarly publication in the field of architectural history. The journal’s contents reflect the wide interests of the Society’s diverse membership. It publishes papers on a wide range of themes, but especially on the architectural, urban and landscape history of Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and South-East Asia. The journal is published for the Society by Taylor & Francis, with each annual volume containing three issues.

Fabrications: The Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand invites papers for the OPEN issue (Vol. 30, No. 3) edited by Mirjana Lozanovska and Cameron Logan. The Open Issue of Fabrications welcomes papers evolving from individual research on a range of topics related to architectural history and theory. Papers are due by 28 March 2020.

For further information on Fabrications and to review past issues, see the Taylor and Francis website.

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