SAH Affiliate Groups

SAH Affiliate Groups are a type of special interest body comprised of SAH members who share a common, narrowly defined interest, scholarly or otherwise. Members of SAH Affiliate Groups meet in person or remotely to pursue their common interest and may request space at the SAH Annual International Conference to hold a meeting or roundtable to discuss current issues that may be of interest to the larger SAH membership.

SAH membership is required to participate in Affiliate Groups. SAH members may join Affiliate Groups at no additional cost. When renewing or joining, you will be able to indicate on the membership form the Affiliate Group(s) you would like to join. If you are a current SAH member, please email and indicate the Affiliate Group(s) that you would like to join.

If you want to participate in the activities of the SAH Affiliate Groups only, without the full benefits of SAH membership, you can join SAH at the Affiliate Membership rate ($25/year), which gives you complete access to all SAH Affiliate Groups as well as SAH Commons, where much of the work of the Affiliates Groups will be centered.

FROM SAH AFFILIATE GROUP LEADERSHIP: A Statement of Solidarity for Racial Justice at SAH 

SAH Architectural Studies Affiliate Group

The group provides opportunities for SAH members associated with and interested in Architectural Studies programs to discuss the institutional and pedagogical challenges unique to these programs.

Daniel M. Abramson, Boston University
Abigail A. Van Slyck, Connecticut College (emerita) 


SAH Asian American and Diasporic Architectural History Affiliate Group

The mission of the group is to build a sustainable intellectual community that supports ongoing research, teaching, and action projects in the interdisciplinary field of Asian American and Asian Diasporic Architectural History.

Sean H. McPherson, Bridgewater State University
Gail Dubrow, University of Minnesota

WATCH: Asian American Architecture: Mapping the Field and Its Futures (SAH 2020 Virtual Conference Roundtable)

SAH Climate Change and Architectural History Affiliate Group

This group will explore the impact of the climate crisis on the methods and narratives used to write architectural history, as well as the role architecture has played in shaping the current crisis. The group will also focus on climate justice—the ways in which inequities and instabilities produced by climate change are distributed, often with the heaviest impacts on the most vulnerable.

Dalal Musaed Alsayer, Kuwait University
Daniel A. Barber, University of Pennsylvania
Joy Knoblauch, University of Michigan

Founding Members:
Peter Christensen, University of Rochester
Isabelle Doucet, Chalmers University
Jennifer Ferng, University of Sydney
Emily Eliza Scott, University of Oregon
Sara Stevens, University of British Columbia


SAH Historic Interiors Affiliate Group

The mission of the group is to gather people together to foster scholarly inquiry on the history of the interior within and beyond the SAH, supporting teachers, researchers, archivists, librarians, publishers, and practitioners.

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SHA CONNECTS: "What is a Historic Interior"

Paula Lupkin, The University of North Texas

Anca I. Lasc, Pratt Institute


SAH Minority Scholars Affiliate Group

The mission of the group is to keep the Society of Architectural Historians engaged with issues affecting minority scholars in the profession, support the professional development of minority scholars, and provide a forum for minority scholars and allies to network.

Itohan Osayimwese, Brown University
Lynne Horiuchi, Independent Scholar

SAH Race and Architectural History Affiliate Group

The mission of the group is to promote the interdisciplinary study of race in architectural history through the organization of thematic roundtables, publication and teaching workshops, lectures and other such scholarly activities authorized by its membership.

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"Race &" Podcast
SAH CONNECTS: "Race and Modern Architecture"

Charles Davis II, University at Buffalo

Associate Chair:

Maura Lucking, University of California, Los Angeles

SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group

The mission of the Group is to support the breadth of interests of SAH members, to build a sustainable professional community and signify a platform for wide-ranging inquiry into the projects around women in architecture and design.

Recognizing the broad scope of professional engagements and diversity of women’s contribution to the built environment around the world, and that these chronologies have only begun to be written and disseminated, the purpose of the Group is to provide a forum for collaborative scholarship and discussion, to document and advocate the international, national, and regional contributions of women to the discipline, and to advance and support research, publication, education, and exhibition initiatives on the subject, integrating professional standing of women in architecture and design with broader studies on leadership, identities, philosophies, and structures of power across borders and cultures.

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Associate Communications Officer: Priya Jain

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