SAH Affiliate Groups

SAH Affiliate Groups are comprised of SAH members who share a common, narrowly defined interest, scholarly or otherwise. Members convene to pursue their common interest and may request space at the SAH Annual International Conference to hold a meeting or roundtable on issues that may be of interest to the larger SAH membership. SAH membership is required to participate in Affiliate Groups, and members may join groups at no additional cost. An Affiliate Membership rate, which offers access to Affiliate Groups and SAH Commons, is available for those who wish to participate in Affiliate Group activities without the full benefits of SAH membership. If you have questions, please contact us at

Architectural Studies

Discusses the institutional and pedagogical challenges unique to Architectural Studies programs.

Asian American and Diasporic Architectural History

Supports research, teaching, and action projects in the interdisciplinary field of Asian American and Asian Diasporic Architectural History.

Climate Change and Architectural History

Explores the impact of the climate crisis on the methods and narratives used to write architectural history.

Globalizing Architectural History Education

Engages in conversations about the pedagogical rigors of teaching global architectural history.

Historic Interiors

Fosters scholarly inquiry on the history of the interior, supporting teachers, researchers, archivists, librarians, publishers, and practitioners.

Minority Scholars

Engages with issues affecting minority scholars in the profession and supports their professional development.

Race and Architectural History

Promotes the interdisciplinary study of race in architectural history by organizing roundtables, workshops, lectures and other activities.

Women in Architecture

Provides a platform for wide-ranging inquiry into the projects around women in architecture and design.


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