Sino-Christian Architecture Symposium

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

8:00 a.m. Pacific 

Dr. Nancy Steinhardt (University of Pennsylvania) will give Keynote and Colloquy: the Topic of Christian Churches in China:

Design, Use, and Representation. This is part of the Simpson Duvall Lecture Series.

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Talks and Colloquies on the Topic of Christian Churches in China: Design, Use, and Representation

Christian gathering has for millennia been conducted in the built environment. Worship happens, as is commonly understood, in the church, and scholars of various disciplines – history, art, theology, architecture, and philosophy – have engaged the motives and manifestations of Christian church design from numerous perspectives. This series of talks seeks to engage the issue of Christian church architecture in China in an open-ended fashion, anchored only in a common reading of two essays written by the Dutch Benedictine monk and church architect, Adelbert Gresnigt, OSB, who studied Chinese architecture and formulated his own theories about what he called a “Sino-Christian” synthesis. Each scholar will present her or his talk on a topic related to Christian church architecture in China, which shall be followed by a response by another scholar and open questions. These talks will be recorded and made available for scholarly consultation.


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