CFP: Perspective, n° 2022 – 1 TRANSPORTS

The journal Perspective : actualité en histoire de l'art will devote its 2022 – 1 issue to the transport of objects and artworks.
While the study of the transport of cultural heritage assets has given rise to considerable specialized literature and remains a key issue for the institutions responsible for their conservation, the historiography of the development and standardization of its practices remains to be established. And conversely, within the history of art, where the phenomena of artistic circulation and transfers constitute a well-established research field, the most pragmatic aspects of the physical transport of the objects tend to be ignored.

In addition to its grounding in the material life of things, the theme of transport also leads us to an alternative history of artistic production, as Jennifer L. Roberts suggests in Transporting Visions. The Movement of Images in Early America (Berkeley, University of California Press, 2014), citing the case of artists who are fully conscious of the future mobility of their works at the time they create them.
By bringing together such professional, technical, scientific and methodological questions, this issue of Perspective is intended to shed light on the ways archeologists, art historians, curators and other researchers in the humanities deal with the transport of objects and artworks and reveal the richness of its many implications.
Proposals should correspond to the journal’s editorial policy, which is aimed at going beyond simple case studies in order to bring out specific historiographical issues and, in this instance, analyze the ways art history, cultural heritage history and archeology make use of the concept of transport in order to rethink their methods and scholarly frameworks.
Please submit your proposal (2,000-3,000-character summary, with a provisional title, a short bibliography on the topic, and a 2-3 line biography) to the editorial address ( by May 12, 2021.

Authors of selected articles will be informed of the committee’s decision in June 2021. Full texts of accepted contributions will need to be sent by October 1st, 2021, for a publication in June 2022. These will be definitively accepted after the journal’s anonymous peer-review process.

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