CFP: Radical Architecture Practice for Sustainability (RAPS)

Radical Architecture Practice for Sustainability's (RAPS) first conference in autumn 2021 in Bristol on 'Radicality' aims to explore, imagine and radically shift conceptualisations of architecture practice for sustainability. Our premise comes from our interest in understanding how we get to and overcome ‘the root of something’ and how radical architecture can manifest and thrive in its multiple and many modes that shift current dominant paradigms of evidence based and quantifiable measures to deliver sustainable outcomes. A radical approach specifically aims to uncover root causes as opposed to surface explanations, viewing ecological problems as rooted primarily in socio-political notions of nature, multispecies activity and needs, building and not building, activating and resisting as well as entangling.

RAPS Bristol 2021 invites a range of submission formats including papers, performances, exhibition, film and more that will encourage and captivate discussion and debate on below themes. The 2021 themes coalesce around the key question of how architecture and architects could accelerate and meaningfully inhabit and embody a radical, effective and new experimental set of approaches that move beyond the status quo, that challenge dominant paradigms, that offer new perspectives into practices for sustainability.

Full Conference Programme to be announced - however, we are happy to share that two of our debate panellists and keynotes have been confirmed. We are excited to be joined by radical visionaries including Malene Natascha Ratcliffe (CEO, SUPERFLEX) and Maarten Gielen (Rotor) who will be reflecting upon their own human and non-human multi spatial modalities and radical environmental approaches to design (in the case of SUPERFLEX) and a cooperative material design practice for a radical organisation of the material environment we inhabit, in the case of ROTOR.

We invite abstracts (300 words max) in any format that explain original research, discuss artefacts, design projects, film, art, exhibitions, monologues, dialogues or reviews in the field of architecture on any of the following themes listed below.

All abstract submissions must include the following:
Theme: Describe which theme your abstract contributes to.
Presentation format: Explain the format of the research presentation as either: Presentation, Exhibition, Film, Discussion or Physical Performance.
Title of abstract: Maximum 120 characters.
Authors: Author names, affiliation as well as corresponding author email address should be included.
300 word abstract: each abstract should make clear the aims and context of the research as well as methods undertaken. Findings and contribution of research should be clearly explained.
Appendix (optional): An Optional Appendix of up to 3 pages or images including tables/charts and/or other appropriate supplemental material may be included as a PDF. Please note that the abstract and appendix submitted for the review process will be printed in the proceedings following the conference. There will be no opportunity for additional edits.

Abstracts should be submitted by 30th April to

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