• Dates: 30 – 30 Sep, 2021
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The Ukrainian Iconostasis
Svitlana Olianina will give a presentation on The Ukrainian Iconostasis: History, Construction, and Preservation. In her talk, Ms. Olianina will briefly sketch the stylistic history of this sacral architectural form, its construction features, as well as examples of Soviet-era conservation treatments. This English language presentation will introduce participants to the sometimes little-known or understood wood structures commonly found in Eastern Europe.

DATE: 30-9-21
TIME: 7:00 PM London, 2:00 NYC
PRESENTERSvitlana Olianina
Zoom Link  Meeting ID:609 817 6754
Аrt historian and conservator Svitlana Olianina Dr. habil. is the Head of the Department of Graphic Arts of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute '' in Kyiv, Ukraine. Her focus is the historical design aspect of Ukrainian iconostasis. She obtained her Ph.D. from the Conservation Department of The National  Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv in 2005 and previously interned at the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Granada in Spain in 1996–1997. She was the Head of the Institute for Cultural Research at the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine in Kyiv in 2008–2016 and achieved Dr. habil. status in 2020 from the Lviv National  Academy of the Arts. Over the years, Svitlana Olianina Dr. habil. has published over 50 articles on various aspects of iconostasis and their history, including her 2019 book - Ukrainian Iconostasis: symbolism and iconology (in Ukrainian).
Q&A Facilitator:
Yuri Yanchyshyn is a NYC based conservator of wooden artifacts and a Fulbright Specialist and Scholar, teaching wood conservation in Ukraine since 2018.

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