Call for Papers Arris Volume 34 2023

Call for Papers Arris Volume 34 2023

Email papers to: Vandana Baweja and Carrie Dilley

by October 1st, 2022, to ensure publication in 2023. 

 Arris, the journal of the Southeast Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians, is accepting submissions for articles and field notes to be published in upcoming issues.

Articles generally run from 5,000–7,000 words and are blind peer-reviewed. They should demonstrate a rigorous mastery over the scholarly literature, research methods, field work (if applicable), and available primary sources of the subject. Articles should proceed beyond a descriptive approach to draw new conclusions or present new theoretical paradigms.

Field notes are shorter contributions, approximately 2,500 words in length, and are blind peer-reviewed. These notes discuss significant ongoing field work or other research of interest to SESAH members.

Only original work neither published previously nor under review for publication elsewhere will be considered.


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