The Complex and Multifaceted Work of Leandro Valencia Locsin

Online talk by architect Jean-Claude Girard with a response by architect Geoff Goldberg.
September 27, 2022, noon CT

The largely unknown oeuvre of the Philippine architect Leandro V. Locsin (1928-1994) embodies the search for identity in the built environment. Having completed his studies, Locsin opened his practice in 1953 in the capital Manila which, after the aerial attacks by the Allied forces for the liberation of the Philippines from Japanese occupation, had been almost completely destroyed. The reconstruction, as well as technical innovations and favorable political and economic conditions, made it possible for him to design a wide range and large number of projects, including hotels, commercial buildings, churches, cultural venues, and public buildings. His work combines inspiration from modernism with local traditions and comprises a total of 245 projects, of which more than half were completed.  

During his talk, architect Jean-Claude Girard, author of the book Leandro Valencia Locsin, Filipino Architect (Birkhäuser), will discuss the complex and multifaceted work of Leandro Valencia Locsin rooted in the local conditions of the Philippines. Chicago-based architect Geoff Goldberg will serve as a respondent to the talk.

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