Amelia International Conservation Studies

Amelia International is excited to announce that applications are now open for our Summer 2024 field school in Italy, hosted by Amelia International Conservation Studies (AICS).With over two decades of expertise and a global alumni network from over 170 colleges and universities, AICS is devoted to the preservation of cultural heritage.During this immersive program, students will have the unique opportunity to study in Italy, gaining invaluable hands-on experience in restoration and conservation. Our courses are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the science, ethics, and practical skills necessary for historic preservation. Program Details: June 10 - July 5, 2024 1. Stone Conservation: Science and Ethics in Historic Preservation- Restoration of Historic Monuments- History, Theory, and Ethics of Restoration (Program includes lectures and restoration field projects*)  2. Preserving our Past: Paper Conservation for Art and Archives- Paper Media and Restoration Methods for Artworks- Handwritten and Printed Archival Materials Restoration Methods (Program includes lectures and restoration workshop*)  3. Experiencing Traditional Painting Materials, Methods and Restoration Issues - in theworkshop of a Maestro- Traditional painting materials and methods- History, Theory, and Ethics of Restoration(Program includes lectures and painting workshop)  *Field Projects:  · In the courtyard of Amelia's Town Hall, there is a small open-air Antiquarium that houses a collection of significant architectural artifacts. These relics serve as a testament to the rich history of Roman Amerίa, as well as the medieval and Renaissance periods. The collection includes columns, architraves, sarcophagi, and various other structures crafted from exquisite marbles imported from colonies across the Mediterranean Sea. Notably, the collection features the prized "Africano" marble, which despite its name, actually originates from Asia Minor. These artifacts showcase various alterations and past restorations, providing students with vital hands-on experience to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom. · Restoration and conservation of artifacts from the archaeological museum of Amelia.· Historic Archives of the Municipality of Amelia: A unique opportunity for students to study and conserve archival documents, fostering an understanding of historical data preservation.AICS is a program of the Art Restoration and Conservation International Field School, based in Rome, Italy. We have established cooperation agreements with the Municipality of Amelia to study and conserve artworks and archaeological objects held in their museums, as well as a collaboration with the Historic Archives of the Comune di Amelia for AICS participants to study and conserve archival documents. We welcome students from various disciplines, both undergraduate and graduate, to join us for this incredible learning experience.Our program is not just for art historians or conservationists. We encourage students from architecture, archaeology, chemistry, museum studies, and related fields to apply, emphasizing the interdisciplinary nature of historic preservation.All courses are conducted in English, ensuring accessibility for students from diverse backgrounds.  Please share this opportunity with potential candidates and consider listing our program on your organization's website as a valuable educational resource.READ OUR TESTIMONIALS For further information, including application deadlines and requirements, please visit our website at Art Restoration and Conservation International Field School Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to welcoming your students to our summer field school in Italy.  Sotirios KourtesisDirector – ARCIFSArt Restoration & Conservation International Field SchoolAICS - Amelia International Conservation StudiesItaly Tel: +39 327 450

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