Past Recipients

Elisabeth Blair MacDougall Book Award Recipients

2022  Sonja Dümpelmann, Seeing Trees: A History of Street Trees in New York City and Berlin, Yale University Press, 2019
2022  Honorable Mention: Stephen H. Whiteman, Where Dragon Veins Meet: The Kangxi Emperor and His Estate at Rehe, University of Washington Press, 2020
2021  C.J. Alvarez, Border Land, Border Water: A History of Construction on the US-Mexico Divide (University of Texas Press, 2019)
2020 Wilhelmina F. Jashemski, Kathryn L. Gleason, Kim J. Hartswick, Amina-Aicha Malek, editors, Gardens of the Roman Empire (Cambridge University Press, 2018)
2019  Elizabeth Kryder-Reid, California Mission Landscapes: Race, Memory, and the Politics of Heritage (University of Minnesota Press, 2016) 
2019  Mark Laird, A Natural History of English Gardening (Yale University Press, 2015) 
2018  John Beardsley, Editor, Cultural Landscape Heritage in Sub-Saharan Africa (Dumbarton Oaks, 2016) 
2017  Elizabeth McKellar, Landscapes of London: The City, the Country, and the Suburbs, 1660–1840 (Yale University Press, 2013) 
2016  Vittoria Di Palma, Wasteland: A History (Yale University Press, 2014)
2016  (Honorable Mention) Finola O’Kane, Ireland and the Picturesque: Design, Landscape Painting and Tourism 1700–1840 (Yale University Press, 2013) 
2015 David E. Coke and Alan Borg, Vauxhall Gardens: A History (New Haven and London: Yale University Press for The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, 2011)
2014 Louise A. Mozingo, Pastoral Capitalism: A History of Suburban Corporate Landscapes (MIT Press, 2011)
2013 David H. Haney, When Modern Was Green: Life and work of landscape architect Leberecht Migge (Routledge, 2010)
2012 Kathleen Wren Christian, Empire Without End: Antiquities Collections in Renaissance Rome, c. 1350-1527 (Yale University Press, 2010)
2011 Anne Goldgar, Tulipmania: Money, Honor, and Knowledge in the Dutch Golden Age (University of Chicago Press, 2007)
2010 Rafaella Fabiani Giannetto, Medici Gardens: from Making to Design University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008)
2009 Ethan Carr, Mission 66: Modernism and the National Park Dilemma (University of Massachusetts Press, 2007)
2009 (Honorable Mention) Steven Nelson, From Cameroon to Paris: Mousgoum Architecture In and Out of Africa (University of Chicago Press, 2007)
2008 No award given this year
2007 Elizabeth Hyde, Cultivated Power: Flowers, Culture, and Politics in the Reign of Louis XIV (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2005)
2006 Dianne Harris, The Nature of Authority: Villa Culture, Landscape, and Representation in Eighteenth- Century Lombardy Pennsylvania State University Press, 2003)

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