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SAH Archipedia is an online encyclopedia of U.S. architecture and landscapes that contains peer-reviewed essays, photos, and maps. Since its launch in 2012, SAH Archipedia has grown in scope and the full version now contains nearly 20,000 building histories covering all 50 U.S. states. Currently, entries for over 3,700 structures are available to the public through the site’s open access counterpart, SAH Archipedia Classic Buildings.

Now we need your help to disseminate this scholarship to a worldwide public audience by making SAH Archipedia completely open access.

In 2016, the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) awarded SAH a generous outright grant of $205,000 and a 1:1 matching grant of $80,000. That means for every dollar that you contribute to SAH to make SAH Archipedia mobile friendly and open access, NEH will match that dollar, up to the $80,000 limit.

So far we have raised $40,000 in matching funds but, in order to secure the entire match, we need to raise the remaining $40,000 before August 31, 2018. The Society of Architectural Historians is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. Your contributions to support SAH programs, including SAH Archipedia, are tax-deductible according to IRS laws.

Gifts of any amount are welcome. Your contribution will give educators, students, and anyone interested in learning about America’s built environment greater access to SAH Archipedia and strengthen the Society’s role as a leader in the digital humanities. Ensure the future of the past by making a donation today.

Your donation to the NEH XI match will help support:

  • Making SAH Archipedia Open Access by 2019 – to disseminate the scholarship to a global public audience for free
  • Redesigning the Site & Mobile Optimization – to make the site easier to use and viewable on mobile devices
  • Commissioning New Content – to add building histories, essays, and develop lesson plans for teaching


Access SAH Archipedia

Member Access: The full version of SAH Archipedia is currently only accessible to SAH members. After logging in to the website, members can access SAH Archipedia here.

​Public Access:​ SAH Archipedia Classic Buildings is a free, open-access site containing entries for around 100 buildings from each state represented in SAH Archipedia

Support our efforts to make SAH Archipedia completely open access in 2019! DONATE NOW to the SAH Archipedia NEH XI matching grant.

Donor Recognition

SAH thanks the following individuals and organizations who have supported the NEH XI fundraising match.

Daniel Abramson
Annice M. Alt
Americana Foundation
Susan K. Appel
Orhan Ayyuce
Shiben Banerji
Tom Bartuska
Lynda Bell
Anne H. Bird
Leo Black
Julie Boland
Patricia Boland
Catherine C. Boland Erkkila
Aileen Brown
Wanda Bubriski
Donald Cecich
Sally Kitt Chappell
Lily H. Chi
Jeffrey M. Chusid
Amanda R. Clark
Robert M. Craig
John D. Cramer
Margaret Culbertson
Kathleen R. Cummings
James Dart
J. Horner Davis
Helena Dean
Judith Dean
Katie Dean
Dan Deibler
Madhuri Desai
Edward Dimendberg
Sheila Donahue
Steven Dotterrer
Deborah Doyle
Kathryn B. Eckert
Keith Eggener
Beth C. Eifrig
Nnamdi Elleh
Diane Favro
Gail Fenske
Peter Fergusson
Frances Fergusson
George F. Flaherty
Carolyn Garrett
Leigh Gates
James Gearen
Margaret George
Virginia Gerst
Michael J. Gibson
R. Scott Gill
Gill Family Foundation
Lesley M. Gilmore
Diana Goldstein
Makary Górzyński
Nadia Gronkowski
John Gronkowski
James Grove
J. Philip Gruen
Marta R. Gutman
Steven Hampton
Margaret Hand
Gunny Harboe
Linda Hart
Diana M. Hawes
Steven D. Hearst
Marlene Heck
Nina Botting Herbst
Jane Hession
James Heuer
Mark Hinchman
Inge S. Horton
Heather Hyde Minor
Sandy Isenstadt
Kathleen James-Chakraborty
Virginia Jansen
James E. Jewell
Dane Johnson
Karen Kingsley
Jeffrey E. Klee
William Kriebel and Marjorie Kriebel
Henry H. Kuehn
Delin Lai
Aric Lasher
Matthew G. Lasner
Peter L. Laurence
Aris D. Lindemans
Joan Barclay Lloyd
Jill M. Lord
Linda Lyons
Janice E. Mann
Maya Manny
Kimberly McCarron
Thomas Melchior
Robert Michaelson
Eileen M. Michels
Patricia A. Morton
Prescott Muir
Moira Nadal
Julie Nicoletta
Kathryn E. O'Rourke
Ken T. Oshima
Edward J. Pass
Susan Perry
Philadelphia Chapter SAH
Elisabeth W. Potter
Virginia B. Price
D. Nels Reese
Inderbir Riar
Richard and Alita Rogers Family Foundation
Barbara Robinson
Leland M. Roth
Avigail Sachs
Pauline A. Saliga
Mario L. Sanchez
Keith Sawyers
David Schalliol
Benjamin Segedin
Nicholas Serrano
Mary C. Sies
Jonathan D. Snyder
Lydia M. Soo
Southeast Chapter SAH
Jacqueline Spafford
Elizabeth Spelman
Stefania Staniscia
Steve Stec
R.R.S. Stewart
David B. Stewart
Damie Stillman
Lois Stratemeier
Martin Tangora
Sandra l. Tatman
Jennifer L. Trotoux
Gretchen Umholtz
Dell Upton
Annemarie van Roessel
Abigail A. Van Slyck
Edward Wolner
Camille Wells
Carol A. Willis
Danielle S. Willkens
Mary Woolever
Carson Wos
Carla Yanni
Victoria M. Young
Frank Zwart

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