SAH Heritage Conservation Committee Preservation Roundtable

SAH 2021 Virtual Conference

SAH Heritage Conservation Committee Preservation Roundtable
Thursday, May 20, 2021
12:00–1:30 PM CDT

Moderator: Bryan Clark Green, SAH Heritage Conservation Committee Chair, Commonwealth Architects

The SAH Heritage Conservation Committee roundtable will provide conference attendees with an opportunity to discuss recent preservation issues. The session will include a recap of the advocacy efforts of the committee over the last year, and will lead to an open conversation of recent preservation issues and controversies. Issues may include the preservation of modern and postmodern resources, the impacts of climate change upon historic resources, the challenge of underutilized and abandoned places of worship, recent demolitions of historic high-rise building to allow for replacement by even taller buildings, and the removal of Confederate monuments from public spaces in the American south.

The Twentieth-Century Historic Thematic Framework is a tool to identify and contextualize heritage places, which, by focusing on ten key themes related to the 20th century, seeks to promote broad thinking about the historical processes that shaped the world’s 20th-century built environment.

Download the Framework

Use the link above to download the Framework (ca 200 pages) for free, so that you can grasp how the Framework provides an overarching, global context for understanding the significance of particular 20th-century buildings or places. During the roundtable hosted by the SAH Heritage Conservation Committee on Thursday, May 20, this Framework will be discussed briefly, but you will probably understand the Framework and its implications better if you take some time beforehand to explore its contents.


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