Highlights from SAHARA: Dell Upton

by Jacqueline Spafford and Jeffrey Klee, SAHARA Co-Editors | Oct 09, 2015
In the first of a series on the SAHARA collection, we'd like to highlight one of our most prolific contributors, Dell Upton. Dell has contributed content that covers virtually every time period, part of the world, and type of subject. One of the many strengths of his content is the large collection of memorials. These include contemporary war memorials, centuries of grave markers, royal tombs, commemorative sculptures, and much more. There are examples from North and South America, the UK, Australia and South Africa.

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Memorial to J. W. Dobbs, "mayor" of Auburn Avenue, Atlanta's black main street, Atlanta Georgia, 1996. The viewer can step into the rear of the mask to see Auburn Avenue through Dobbs' eyes. Stands across from the former post office where Dobbs worked.

Jefferson Davis Monument, Fairview, Christian County, Kentucky, 1917-1924. The monument is, probably appropriately, half the height of the Washington Monument.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia, early 12th century CE, level 2 gallery.

Elands Bay Cave, Western Cape, South Africa, occupied since ca. 8,000 B.C.E.

Caryatid Porch, Erectheum, Akropolis, Athens, Greece, ca. 437-413 B.C.E

Tetrapylon, Palmyra, modern Tadmor, Syria, 2nd century C.E, as reassembled. Only one column of the tetrapylon—at the center rear—is original.

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