SAHARA Highlights: Medical Facilities

by Jacqueline Spafford and Jeffrey Klee, SAHARA Co-Editors | Apr 07, 2020

It’s hard to escape the painful and often infuriating stories surrounding the unfolding of the international public health crisis caused by COVID-19. Even for those who haven’t been directly affected by the illness, its repercussions are wide ranging, disrupting our daily lives as well as the world economy. In a time in which we all bear some portion of the burden, some of us must take on disproportionate responsibilities. A few are taking great personal risk to contend directly with this outbreak. In recognition of the exhausting work of medical staff, epidemiologists, and first responders in this crisis, this month’s SAHARA images focus on health care and related facilities, including hospitals, fire stations, and medical labs.

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Filippo Brunelleschi, Ospedali degli Innocenti, Florence, Italy, begun 1419-1427. Photograph by Marvin Trachtenberg, 1999.


Royal Hospital
Sir Christopher Wren, Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London, England, built 1682-1702. Photograph by Richard Longstreth.


Victoria Hospital for Sick Children
Darling and Curry, Victoria Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, built 1892. Photograph by Peter Clericuzio, 2011.


Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium
William Lincoln Coulter, Ladd, Anderson, and Trudeau Cottages, Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium, Saranac Lake, New York, built 1898-1900. Photograph by Richard Longstreth.


Indochina Medical College
Ernest Hebrard, Indochina Medical College, Hanoi, Vietnam, built 1926. Photograph by Dell Upton, 2014.


Taborian Hospital
Taborian Hospital, Edwards Avenue, Mound Bayou, Mississippi, built 1940-1942. Photograph by Dell Upton, 2012. The Taborian Hospital, operated by the Knights of Tabor fraternal organization, was the main (often only) provider of health care to Mississippi Delta blacks during the late segregation era.


Alfred Newton Richards Medical Research Bldg
Louis I. Kahn, Alfred Newton Richards Medical Research Building, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, built 1957-1961. Photograph by G. E. Kidder Smith.


Salk Institute for Biological Sciences
Louis I. Kahn, Salk Institute for Biological Sciences, La Jolla, California, built 1959-1965. Photograph by G. E. Kidder Smith.


Alabama Rural Studio
Alabama Remote Rural Studio, Newbern Volunteer


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