SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group

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The mission of the SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group is to support the breadth of interests of SAH members, to build a sustainable professional community and signify a platform for wide-ranging inquiry into the projects around women in architecture and design.

Recognizing the broad scope of professional engagements and diversity of women’s contribution to the built environment around the world, and that these chronologies have only begun to be written and disseminated, the purpose of the Group is to provide a forum for collaborative scholarship and discussion, to document and advocate the international, national, and regional contributions of women to the discipline, and to advance and support research, publication, education, and exhibition initiatives on the subject, integrating professional standing of women in architecture and design with broader studies on leadership, identities, philosophies, and structures of power across borders and cultures.

Chair: Anna Sokolina Advising Chair: Wanda A. Bubriski Associate Chairs: Rebecca Siefert and Ola Uduku Communications Lead: Priya Jain    Web News Editor: Yan Wencheng
National Outreach: Maristella Casciato
Mentoring Program: Gül Kale and Barbara Opar
Archivists: Barbara Opar and Neena Zutshi
Special EventsGül Kale
Administrators: Elisa Dainese, Kiana Darvish-Mansoori, Avni Gor



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