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Haskins Medal

The Haskins Medal is awarded annually by the Medieval Academy of America for a distinguished book in the field of medieval studies. First presented in 1940, the award honors Charles Homer Haskins, the noted medieval historian, who was a founder of the Medieval Academy and its second President. The award is announced at the annual meeting of the Academy each spring. The medal was designed in 1939 by Graham Carey, and the name of the recipient and the year of the award are engraved on the edge.

Books published between 2014-2018 are eligible for the 2020 Haskins Medal

The next Haskins Medal will be awarded at the Academy's next annual meeting.

Books remain eligible for five years. The period of eligibility is defined by the publication date printed in the book, which must be two–six years prior to the date of the award. For example, books bearing the publication dates 2002–2006 were eligible for the prize given in 2008. The professional residence of the author must be in North America. Authors or publishers may submit books for consideration. Three copies of the book should be sent to the Academy office, addressed to the Haskins Medal Committee. A PDF comprised of five substantive reviews that have appeared in print or online should be sent to the Executive Director at Any member of the Academy may recommend candidates for the award by writing to the Executive Director.

Books submitted previously that are still eligible need not be resubmitted.

Submissions must reach the Academy's office no later than 15 October.

Please submit three copies of each nominated monograph to: 

The Haskins Medal

Medieval Academy of America

6 Beacon St., Suite 500

Boston, MA 02108


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