Process Blog

A series of short-form reflections and interviews about the SAH Data Project.

July process blog infographic
July 2020

Revising the Institutional Survey: Less Can Lead to More

Why and how the SAH Data Project team trimmed the Institutional Survey to focus on the field's key academic trends.


Morgan State University
June 2020

Evolving Strategies for Collecting Institutional Data

Want to ensure that your program’s institutional data is included in the SAH Data Project? Here’s how. 


May 2020

Early excerpts from the SAH Data Project’s COVID-19 Snapshot Questionnaire

How people who study, work, and volunteer in architectural history around the world are experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic right now.
April 2020

SAH Data Project Update: The pandemic’s impact so far and how our plans have changed

A candid assessment of the SAH Data Project's major pandemic challenge with details about the adjusted research plan.


March 2020

Crowdsourcing an FAQ

Now that the SAH Data Project has launched surveys for department chairs, faculty, and students, the project team invites suggestions for our new Frequently Asked Questions. What do you want to know?


January 2020

Teaching Architectural History to Architecture Students: An Interview with Mohammad Gharipour

Advisory Committee member Mohammad Gharipour offers his thoughts on teaching history to architecture students. Gharipour is a historian of the Islamic built environment and professor and director of the Program in Architecture at Morgan State University.


November 2019

What does success look like? and other questions from SACRPH 2019

The SAH Data Project just passed a milestone of sorts: earlier this month, I answered audience questions during the Society for American City and Regional Planning History’s conference in Arlington.


October 2019

What Does It Mean to Study Architectural History?

A “behind-the-scenes” look at the SAH Data Project’s first stakeholder meeting, "Student Perspectives on Architectural History in Higher Education," which convened in Chicago on October 3-4, 2019.


September 2019

Four Questions for a Community College Architectural History Instructor 

The SAH Data Project's newest Advisory Committee member, Ashley Gardini, shares her perspective as an adjunct instructor of architectural history at Diablo Valley College.


July 2019

Where is Architectural History Thriving? 

A concrete example of how we’re infusing humanism into our data-gathering work and a few suggestions for further reading.


June 2019

How to Start? 

A description of the SAH Data Project and some steps we’ve taken to begin the study in a purposeful way.



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