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Digital research tools by Morgan Ng
. In an age when every design student can whip up 3D models of buildings or GIS analyses in a matter
January 2020 Booklist
. “3D Turntables: Humanizing Architectural Technology through hip hop.” TAD Vol. 3 Issue 2, Fall 2019
September Newsletter 2013
-term access to digital design records including CAD, BIM and 3D modelling. The 2013 conference
A Year as the SAH H. Allen Brooks Travelling Fellow: Reflections on Travel, Time, and Technology
of the fellowship I experimented with a handheld 3D scanner by Structure Sensor for small-scale
Learned Society 2.0
clips, audio files, QTVR panoramas, and the integration of 3D models with Google Earth maps
2011 Vol. 55 No. 1
3D Models for ]SAH Online. Supported by a grant from the Mellon Foundation, ]SAH is creating video, through the steps for creating 3D models, placing them in Google Earth, and preparing them, . Screenshor of How to Prepare 3D Models for jSAH Online. BUI LD I NGS OF THE UNITED STATES NEWS SAH
OCT1972 Vol. 16 No. 5
by Frederick Etchells. (3d ed.) Cambridge, Mass.: M.I.T. Press, 1971. $12.50, $3.95 paperback, edition of 300 copies. Sir Albert Edward Richardson. The Art of Architecture. (3d ed.) Westport, Conn
2010 Vol. 54 No. 3
to make a panoramic photograph, or how to prepare a 3D model for presentation in the Journal? Help, panoramic photographs, videos, GIS mapping integration, and 3D models, and how to prepare them
Papers Delivered at the SAH 2018 Annual Conference
Research Institute, USA, and Chris Edwards, J. Paul Getty Trust, USA “Drones, LiDAR and 3D
DEC 1976 Vol. 20 No. 6
: Architectural Guide 1860-Today . . . Word has been received of the death ofMRS. DARWIN R. JAMES, 3d

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