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SAH Announces 2015 Award Winners and Fellows
ability to illustrate scholarly arguments with film, video, sound, panoramic photos, standalone 3D models and 3D models superimposed over Google Earth maps. Keith Morgan, FSAH Morgan is professor in
SAH Announces 2015 H. Allen Brooks Travelling Fellow
, 3D scanning and drawing, and share her discoveries through monthly blog posts on the Society of
Digital research tools by Morgan Ng
age when every design student can whip up 3D models of buildings or GIS analyses in a matter of
Advocating for African American Heritage Part 2: Documenting Sites of Social Justice
photography provides a better picture than ever of these protests, we believe in the power of 3D
David B. Brownlee Dissertation Award | Society of Architectural Historians
illustrate scholarly articles with zoomable images, 3D models, video, and interactive maps. Active in
January 2020 Booklist
. “3D Turntables: Humanizing Architectural Technology through hip hop.” TAD Vol. 3 Issue 2, Fall 2019
September Newsletter 2013
-term access to digital design records including CAD, BIM and 3D modelling. The 2013 conference
A Year as the SAH H. Allen Brooks Travelling Fellow: Reflections on Travel, Time, and Technology
of the fellowship I experimented with a handheld 3D scanner by Structure Sensor for small-scale
Learned Society 2.0
clips, audio files, QTVR panoramas, and the integration of 3D models with Google Earth maps. As the
February 2020 Booklist
p. 6–22 Cooke, Sekou. “3D Turntables: Humanizing Architectural Technology through hip hop.” TAD

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